Violet Evergarden the Movie Original Soundtrack Echo Through Eternity [MP3 320K]

『劇場版 ヴァイオレット・エヴァーガーデン』オリジナル・サウンドトラック Echo Through Eternity

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  2020.10.21 312MB MP3 (320K)  


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Music: Evan Call



Disc 1
01 Discovering the Past
02 Generation to Generation
03 The Legacy of Violet Evergarden
04 Hymn to the Sea Pt. 1
05 Some Scars Never Fade
06 Sometimes Dreams Come True
07 On That Fateful Night
08 Dear Gilbert
09 Though Times May Change
10 Bonded by Tragedy
11 Another Voice Calls Out
12 A Young Boy’s Hope
13 Complicated Feelings
14 Brotherhood
15 Violet’s Promise
16 Yuris’ Confession
17 Hodgins’ Request
18 As the Days Pass Us By
19 Hymn to the Sea Pt. 2
20 Beyond These Waves
21 After All These Years
22 The Hardships of Gilbert Bougainvillea
23 The Heart Quivers
24 Tears in the Rain
25 Her Soul Yearns
26 A Young Boy’s Last Wish
27 His Final Breath
28 Live on for Me
29 After the Storm Comes a New Day
30 Violet’s Final Letter
31 Michishirube ~Movie Version~
32 Echo Through Eternity
33 Her Spirit Lives On
34 WILL ~Movie Version~
35 To Future People ~Movie Version~

Disc 2
01 Violet and Isabella
02 A New Era Begins
03 No Matter How Far
04 A Bond Between Sisters
05 Debutante Waltz
06 Debutante Waltz for Piano

Disc 3
01 Fountain of Life (Aria by Irma Fliech)
02 Hail Leidenschaftlich! 4:03
03 Automemories Doll Typing School
04 The Spirit of Kazalli
05 Kingdom of Drossel Wedding March
06 Sunrise at the Shahar Observatory
07 Oscar’s Story
08 For the Land That I Come From (Ctrigall Drinking Song)
09 Leiden Airshow Opening Ceremony
10 Softly Sing to Me (Magnolia Family Lullaby)