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All Tracks Composed & Arranged by
Masaru Yokoyama (Disc 1 Tr.1,2,5,9-12,14-16,18-20 / Disc 2 Tr.1,3,5,7,8,10,13,19-21)
Nobuaki Nobusawa (Disc 1 Tr.3,04,06-08,13,17,21 / Disc 2 Tr.2,4,6,9,11,12,14-18)



— Disc 1 —
01.Ultrafast Engine
02.Planet Camp
03.The Usual Place
04.Relaxation With Friends
05.First Step
06.Tropical Resort
07.What The Heck!
08.Awkward Situation
09.Rules of Survival
10.TESTER – Yummy!
11.TESTER – No Good!
12.The Word Despair
13.Not Going Well
14.Lost in Distant Space
15.Parent and Child
16.Real Sisters
17.Lovely Funicia
18.Planet Trip
19.Enemy Is Within Us
20.5012 Light-Years
21.To Be Next Planet…

— Disc 2 —
02.Planet Party
03.Planet Picnic
04.Bad Vibes
05.Secret in a Box
06.Pretty Prince
07.Hidden History
08.Can’t Be Honest
09.An Inconvenient Truth
10.Eidetic Memory
11.Cold Sleep Machine
12.Off The Books.
13.Nocturne – ASTRA
14.Fear Of The Unknown
15.Trouble Arises
17.The Mission
18.Childhood Memories
19.Reason of Strength
20.Aye, yeah!
21.Peace for Humanity